The best way to live is without ever putting down an anchor anywhere at any time. Then the whole of reality is your ocean, over which your voyage can finally posses real and universal meaning. It is the anchors we put down that limit us to space, time, and circumstance.

The world turns like a cyclone around all of us; I feel it here, with new works, new buildings, new people, and then old works, old buildings and old people to pick up, mend and tend to once again.

Two new rooms almost finished while we were away in Thailand, a new ceiling in the main hall, and a ceiling in Yasa’s room, of which he is most thankful, I think. The vihara courtyard has been filled in with soil, making the whole area more manageable, and that is well appreciated by all. Still many more small improvements to make, but it looks like we are on the home stretch for making the monastery more or less complete… ish.

On the Internet front, Monk Radio has moved to my YouTube channel, now that Google has finally released live broadcasting to the masses. Check out the first broadcast here. For the next broadcast, this coming Sunday, it would be nice to have some interaction, so please send me a note with your Google+ name so I can add you to my circles. This should make question asking quite easy and efficient.

On the traveling front, the trip to Thailand is shaping up; not much more to say there, except that all this traveling requires some hardcore letting-go. Life is for learning, though, not for clinging. Let us learn all we can before we sleep again!