Meditation Centre

The following rules apply to all visitors, guests, and residents at our centre.

1. Refrain from killing.

This includes all living beings – even ants, mosquitoes and spiders. Please contact an adviser for help and advice in dealing with pests.

2. Refrain from stealing.

Certain items in the centre are clearly for public use and consumption. Certain items are clearly not. For any doubt about this matter, please ask. Please return borrowed items to their source in the condition when borrowed, cleaning and washing articles as appropriate.

3. Refrain from sexual or romantic activity.

Sexual and romantic activity of any form is not allowed at our centre. Please do not touch, talk seductively to or flirt with other people. Men are asked to keep distance from ordained female monastics; women are asked to keep distance from ordained male monastics.

4. Refrain from wrong speech.

Wrong speech includes all kinds of improper, unnecessary or false speech. Meditators should refrain from chatting. Visitors and guests are asked not to disturb resident meditators by talking with or near them. It is forbidden for persons engaged in intensive practice to talk to anyone besides their teacher about their meditation practice. When reporting to your teacher, please focus solely on your meditation practice. Do not engage in any small talk.

5. Refrain from intoxicants.

Resident meditators are required to inform their teacher or adviser of any medication they may be taking prior to initiating their course. All recreational drugs and intoxicating beverages are absolutely forbidden on the monastery premises. Cigarette smoking is not allowed, and coffee and caffeine are not recommended nor available at the centre.

6. Refrain from eating outside of the morning hours.

Consumption of food outside of the hours of 6 AM and 12 PM (noon) is not allowed at our centre. After 12 noon, soft drinks such as fruit juice are allowed, and may be provided by the centre. All visitors and guests are asked to respect and observe this rule as far as possible.

7. Refrain from diversion and beautification.

Singing, dancing, listening to music, watching entertaining shows, etc, are all disallowed at our centre. Meditators should not to write letters, read books, or use mobile telephones, internet or e-mail during their meditation course. Meditators should not leave the centre without informing an adviser. Wearing jewellery or cosmetics are considered beautification and must be refrained from by residents during their stay. All guests, visitors and residents are asked to maintain a modest and clean appearance at all times.

8. Meditators must refrain from excessive sleep.

Meditators should be content with simple lodging and bedding, and sleep no longer than six hours per night. Sleeping during the day is not permitted during one’s meditation course.

Basic etiquette for visiting a monastery

Be respectful toward the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Sangha.

The Buddha is our teacher, who realized the Middle Way is the path to enlightenment for himself and then taught it for the benefit of all beings.

The Dhamma is the teaching of the Buddha.

The Sangha is the company of enlightened meditators who have practiced the Buddha’s teaching to its consummation.

Remove shoes before entering the monastery.

Speak only when necessary and keep your voice low to avoid disturbing others.

Meals are silent and meditative.

Our resident Buddhist monastic and meditation teacher, Venerable Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu, teaches a variety of residential meditation courses for beginner and intermediate meditators, as well as for those interested in becoming instructors. Please visit our Course page for more information.

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