The following is a sample of some of the feedback we have received on our meditation videos.


Thank you so much for your videos. I look forward to beginning my practice. I have attempted meditation before, but always found my thoughts straying, but the way you present it makes sense to me. Thank you

Thank you for these 6 beautiful videos.

Thank you! 🙂

This is a great introduction to the basics of meditation. Thank you.

hey thanks for the explaination it’s a great video

keep making videos these are great noah

Thanks Bhante, excellence videos.

These videos are well done. Clear nad simply stated.

thank you teacher.

I was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer and have been urged by many friends to consider meditating. Your video was the first I found that explained the process with enough clarity to give me the confidence to feel I knew what I was doing.

I’ve begun with the sitting meditation in the morning and soon plan to extend it to an evening session as well.

Thank you.

thank you so much , very helpful…

I liked the video very much, the problem is the volume, very low, I can barely hear.
Anyway thanks a lot!

thank you so much for this video. I understand meditation somewhat better now. I have realized I can focus with your method but it is not easy. So quite often I am sitting here “frustrated frustrated frustrated” I will keep practicing though.

very nice video.. meditation changes our lives.. Thank you for sharing it

Thank you very much for taking the time to do all this, im sure it will help myself and many others greatly.

Thank you. This can be scary if you have a lot of pain inside, but the beneifts are worth the effort and I need to remember that.

Wow this is actually very helpful. I have great frustrations in times where I can clear my mind completely and then thoughts suddenly flood me. It helps to actually say “thinking” instead of having to observe it completely. Letting go of thoughts takes much practice sometimes.

very helpful tips on keeping certain emotions under control  thank you

thank you for your wonderful videos. It has really inspired me to start meditation



Thanks you very much for your free lesson. I really see improvement in my natural state of mind.

I really appreciate your videos, they helped me understand more about meditation. =]

Thank you for sharing these videos, really thank you :-).

you explained that very well. thank you

Thank you these videos have been very helpful in changing my daily life

These videos are wonderful….I thank you for taking the time to make them. They have really helped me.

I have been considering learning these techniques forever, but never had the money to try a formal class. Thank you very much for putting this together.

thank you for this i am very glad that you have taken your time to put this onto the internet, i believe things like this should be easily accesible and you have done that my greatest thanks

I just wanted to thank you for your videos. They are really great and helpful.
Yesterday I cut my leg really badly: I was lying on the floor, waiting for the ambulance, and suddenly this video and your voice saying pain… pain… pain and rising… falling… came to me, so in the end I’ve managed to turn this unpleasant incident into a meditative practice, thanks to you! 🙂

I would like to thank you Yuttadhammo.
This was my first time ever meditating and it was a very pleasant experience. It was a sense of peace with my mind toward the end of the 5 minutes. Thank you =]

This is an awesome video, and it’s nice to hear someone giving the instructions straight-up and easy to understand.

Thank you!
Great insights!

This video has helped me more than anything else. Thank you very much for this.

Thanks a lot for these videos they are fantastic.

Awesome, thanks for sharing the wonderful spiritual knowledge.



My favorite Meditation. A good explanation. Great!

Very Very helpfull
Thank You!

Thank U, that was beautiful, and very useful.

Excellent, this is certainly a new meditation for me. I am very grateful, thank you for posting! Namaste

that is so good i do it sitting down very night for 1 hour it is so good thank u

this is done really great. and in HD too. like wow. Thanks so much. keep ‘m coming.

Someone else here stated that this was a great explanation of the mechanics – and I agree. I admit to being someone who studies more than practices, which I hope to change. This series is super helpful! Without a teacher, and relying heavily on books, videos, etc, it’s difficult to find this type of instructional material.

I am discovering Meditation and wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge on Meditation. It’s been very helpful. Thanks again!

Finally something I am looking for.thank you for your time in making this video.You did an excellent job in making and discussing the steps on how to take on meditaion step by step so to say.I am more of researcher as well on these topics and related things.but now that will soon very change.i have become very awkened through this steps of medition,very simple yet profound.THANKS! now its my turn :]

thank you very much for these terrific videos.

thank you so much, very good videos:)

thank you for these, i’ve always wanted to try meditation, but i didnt really know how to do it.

thank you yuttadhammo you have lowered my stress level with your meditating videos which has helped my health greatly thank you once again

Thank you for your light



Thank you Tan Yuttadhammo.
Your videos are very helpfull for us, who want to practise Theravada, but unfortunately don’t have developed Buddhist community near us.
Greetings from Serbia.

Hi. Awesome! Thanks for the videos! You are a great speaker and I thought your videos are very clear. Im recommending your videos to my friends who want to learn about meditation

thank you , so our life becomes a meditation ? many blessing for your simle and inspiring videos ,

Thank you.
I’m trying to put your pieces of advice into action and try to meditate but I’m strugulling ! My mind is very distracted… However, the more I listen to you the more I’m confident about how how much it worth to continue…
Thanks again for your help

namaste , thank you very much for your videos , I will practice more meditation…

when I watch your videos or even just see your face, I feel a sense of calmness within my being. I am present. Normally, I dont feel this way when im around people. they are all in their own unconsciousness. lol …you are truly peaceful….i could feel it.

thank you for your teachings,and be able to take the time to help us to get started.
You are doing a great work,making it easy and avaliable to us.
Please dont stop.Will be waiting for the next one.

I like this explanation….very good..



Thank you very much. Very helpful.

I love your voice, you have a very calming voice. thank you for your wonderful videos….you really helped me with all your vids! 🙂

Good informational video!



Sadhu Bhante, your explanation is clear. I believe that it will benefit those who watch this video.

I have just recently found an interest in Buddhism.

I know that meditation is a large part of the practice and found your videos extremely helpful. Your explanations are very clear.

Thank you very much for posting.

excellent resurce

thank you, your video does help alot! this is only one more person you helped. 😀

thankyou very much for these videos, iv recently been troubled alot, and after finding your videos iv now been able to calm myself and feel at peace and happy again, these are very helpful,

hello, i enjoy and absorb your videos greatly…

Thanks for the instruccions ^^
you made a beautifull work explaining


Other Videos

thank you. Meditation changed my life

Thank you again, you really doing a great work,
so many people can find the way with the work you are doing.
Really have being a wonderful close experience to me, and I can see that other people feel the same way.
To open the door to us the way you are doing ,to me is what Generosity and Compassion means.
My respects teacher.

Thank you for your always very peacful speach. It’s very helpful.

Thank you,So inspiring,enlightening :) another wonderful vid!

HTM Old – 1

very well done….great job

Appreciate you taking your time and explaining this to everyone who is interested!!!

Thanks. Just found this today. I’ll keep on following your instructions and hopefully I’ll reach the enlightment. Thank you!


I love the fact you went back and we did these series. It is so important to me and I think others should learn this outlet of healing and pacing one’s self. Thank you for posting this Video. It means so much to me.

::smiles tenderly:: His autumnrain @–>——-

much better

Thank you very much for putting your video onto YouTube…

Thank you very much…….as a beginner to the teaching of Buddhism, and meditation, this was excellent.

Thank you!

I really liked your ideas on meditation and would like to applause you on your work,

Thank you for this! 😀

very good explanation

It helps to keep the mind in the pesent situation rather than lettig it go to future and past. very good one……..!

Good explanation and an endearing video!

Hey man you seem really at peace with urself


Why thank you dear

Excellent, easy to understand and follow basic meditation.

thank you – just what i was searching for

This is great, should be on featured videos. Thanks

Very clear instruction,thank you sir.

Thanks, very well explained.

Anumodhana ! I am very glad to see your vdo, your venerable.

thank you

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

your a great teacher thanks for this video

the abbot (luang taa inn) always said to the Thai monks…let this farang walk a lot..they like it!…yes they do! Thank you…if not disturbing too much maybe i can ask some questions about problems arising while meditating in the west

Thank for your message, you’re well on a Bodhisattva path

Namaste !
May the good lord bless you…
Thank you…


Namaste !
May the good lord bless you…
Thank you…


thank you moby for teaching me the fundementals of meditation.

thnxs alot for the explanation of how to meditate bc i really need it let the lord bless u.

Thank you

thank you

Just what I was looking for! I want to be able to better myself and thought I’d start with meditation. My biggest problem in the past when I’ve tried was that I’d get distracted to easily. I love the way I can use the distraction as an aid! There is hope for me yet. This tutorial seems really positive. Thanks for putting the time into making it. Now you have passed on knowledge to someone in New Zealand 🙂

nice vid…

thank you

yeah, i really needed this. i’m really stressed out.

Great video, thanks.

thanks for this video it’s very intresting and very nice explanation…

wow great vid thx allot i think i am going to start.

Loved the last couple of minutes. Great advice there, thanks.

What country are you from and what country are you in?

thanks for the video by the way, very relaxing

damn my legs feel asleep , but good stuff. this is useful

Thanks and keep up the videos.

Thanks for the advice 🙂


wow i cant believe that it worked

thank you for this

Thanks, this is what i have been looking for.

ahhh that was good

thanks broseph this vid is tigghhht

meditation is bringing forth the deepest level of peace

appreciate that man, heavy!

that was beautiful

makes so much sense!! ima try meditating before i hurt someone with anger.

It is a realy great video serials which is blessing to all the practiser in whole world! A Chinese Man.

hmmm. unique way of looking at life. I gave 5 stars for this video. Thank you.

what a lovely chap

Wow very mellow… thanks for this… Helped me a lot…

Thank you so much for this!

Thank you.

Very good explanation. Good job and thank you for sharing the info. Be well.

thank u v much for the vid

take care

Thank you very much that was a great help!!!

thankyou, you help so much

This is very a very nice intro to meditation, & very informative.

What I really notice is that this guy has NOTHING to sell, like so many who offer meditation-related stuff on youtube do.

He is indeed a good teacher 🙂

thanks for the post, it helped a lot =D

p.s. is that a slight indian accent i hear?

exellent video thanx 4 making

thank u very much!! this should get me started

Thank you, a millionfold

i thought i knew what meditation ment but i was wrong thank you very much

very good explanation, the repeating is making the message more clear for the viewers!

Thanks for your advise!

i love you man! your a very calm person, thanks for this video! Peace

A very clear understanding of the process of meditation…very good thank you.

Great tutorial.

this video helped me alot, i found i was trying to ignore all of the distractions whilst meditating. the end part made me realise just to switch the thought to the distraction and use it as a point of focus

this is what i was looking for! other videos says how to meditate are too noisy with uncomfortable music. thanks for uploading this!

Nice!!! liked the way you have defined meditation and how people look at meditation from diff. perspectives.

Nice video. I do wish to build the foundation for meditation you speak of.
Your voice had a calming effect. Meditation is needed in my struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder. Thanks again.


Emails / Private Messages

Revered Monk, I am not a buddhist, however you can call me a seeker. I cannot help marvelling at your tremendous conceptual clarity and LOVE FOR THE TRUTH. Your videos present the truth as it is, without pandering to what people would love to hear. YOUR VIDEOS I feel have a UNIVERSAL appeal, to any seeker of the truth, buddhist or NOT. I am slowly watching each one, must have already seen atleast 60!! I have gained tremendously from your videos. I admire and applaud the good work you our doing. Thank you immensely, for your talks have helped me clear a number of the cobwebs, and have really enriched me ….. I will keep listening…… Wishing you joy …..

I wish to thank you so very much for the teachings on meditation. I viewed them about a week or so ago, they have helped balance my day wonderfully. Many have commented on the audio qualiy of our videos I for one can understand and hear every word. Every morning before school and work my mind would wonder and would not focus on the task at hand. After watching you teachings and taking a few notes my mornigs are balanced and fruitful. I try to get in atleast 5-8 minutes of each method. I emerge from my meditation focused and acutely aware of my surroundings, I feel nothing but joy and compassion. It is truely wonderful. Once again I must thank you for guiding me to this joy. I had tried many times before to not so much understand meditation but to find a teacher and a method that suited me. I wish to thank you again for this wonderful experience and enlightenment.

Thank you again,

thank you very much for uploadin these video, are so helpful to me!! buddha bless you!

Thank you for your great teaching.
I appreciate it very much.

Have a wonderful day filled with peace and harmony!

Thank you very much for the wonderful new video.I was born
and raised in the buddhist family,but I haven’t done the meditation before.I recently moved to Lugano switzerland from
us.(due to my wife job).Your first video(educational,spiritual
,compassion{METTA} inspired me getting into the the buddhism tradition ;where I belonged to.
. Thank you very much for your powerful healing voice and teachings (dhamma).
May you purifie all your karma and reach enlightement !!!!

KOP chai Lai(mak) bhikku Yuttahamma.

Sadhu, sadhu !!!

hello, i would like to thank you for you video’s. They are very clear and concise in their explanation of meditation and have helped me immensely.

I’ve been trying your meditation technique and I really like it! I’ve never meditated before and your videos were very helpful in explaining what exactly you need to do when meditating.

I would like to say that I am really grateful for the videos, as they really give guidance into the path to follow. I have recently started practicing theravada/vipassana meditation here in Sao Paulo, where I am from. Just now (on the 26th actually) I am moving back to London, where I lived for 5 years. Meditation has been difficult in the last few days, as I am very anxious with the change (something that I have provoked myself). Thoughts keeping poping up all the time, mainly conected with the bad feeling I have for leaving my parents and sister behind, as I know how much I will miss them (and I have been wandering about you moving to Thailand… aazing!). However, as I intensified my awareness of what is going on within myself, by repeating whatever is happening at the time, has really made an incredible difference.

Thank so much.

I have enjoyed your video’s on youtube, very much.

Dear Ven. Yuttadhammo,

What a wonderful instructive channel you have.

I met you today (03/31/08) at the Thai Temple in North Hollywood, CA, and I’d like to thank you for the impact you’ve made on my life. Although the experience was very new to me, I left with a different outlook on life. I will be attending an English spoken class on April 1st and am eager to learn more from you. I am new to Buddhism and you’ve helped me realize that it’s a path in my life I would like to take.

Thank you,

I have watched your “how to meditate” videos and i’m very glad someone made such thing like instructional videos, open for the public, about meditation and it’s implication on life. I have started practicing meditation this year and i’m in a research project in psychology in the university about meditation and it’s effect on stress, and your videos were of a great help for me in my research and my personal study and practice. Sure there are some experienced people on the project, but not all of us have significant experience in meditation, so your videos were of great help.
And i’m pretty sure you helped a lot more people than just me.

thank you
I enjoyed your meditation exercise. Thank you.

Thank you so much for sharing your “How To Meditate III – Prostration” video. I have become much more mindful of the things that I do on a daily basis. I have also been able to stop doing some things that I didn’t want to continue doing. Seems I only had to be mindful of them! Thanks again. Namaste!

I would like to thank you for the great work you have and for your videos which finally helped me take up meditation after pondering over the idea for so long and I have to say only 2 weeks into it and I am already seeing the results.

i saw your videos and i was really exited.. very nice.. i didnt know about this and it seems to me very nice

I came on your channel by surfing on Buddhism.
I really like your channel and you have some awesome vids!.

i’ve watched all you’re videos. i think there great and thanks.

Greetings Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu,

I have been meditating and studying Theravada Buddhism for a little over a year now and I am very grateful for being introduced to Buddhism and experiencing the teachings. I have been able to become more mindful of myself and of others in everyday life.

Hey i really enjoy your how to meditate videos, they are pretty calming and in depth, which i like. i tried it for the first time last night and i think i made some progress.

I find you very comforting to watch and listen to. Your voice is very soothing and I hope that you have more videos in the future, possibly discussing your faith?

Thank you for your time and for sharing your knowledge.

im very impress what you do. i think buddism can change the world to a better place. so im not hopeless. i try but its not simple to be wise and good. thanks for you symphaty.

You are doing good work here. I find your commentary valuable and interesting. Thank you.

i had a listen to what you had to say and i was blown away
i hope one day we all can have a open mind about things and not
take things for granted …

even thought im a million miles away in australia
i wanted to say thanks for opening my eyes

your videos are truly an inspiration to me, and a valid ” Guide/manual ” for me in my struggle to achieve peace, and mental and spiritual unity. I’m am currently in the midst of studding the origin’s of the Buddha and how these understanding of the Buddha apply to my life.

Thank you for the videos you are putting out. I really appreciate them.

Thank you very much for all those great videos you have posted on youtube and I wish you all the best,


I have watched all your videos and found them very helpful. I have practiced sitting meditation a few times and it has felt wonderful.

Hello. I really enjoy your videos. Very inspirational.

Hello, i really enjoy your videos alot and they are the most helpfull i have found on youtube by far,

Thank you so much for the advice. I have been watching your videos this morning and they are very moving.

Hi Thanks for the great videos that you posted on you tube. im practicing the techniques everyday for the past 3days now. they are very helpful.

Noah you make so much sense. I am going through Depression and the anti depressants really make me worse off and I cant handle them.

We need to learn the power of the mind to heal us!!!

Please make more videos!!!!

your videos have helped me alot..

I want to thank you for all your videos, I have found them very helpful and educational.

I watched your series How to Meditate, and I really enjoyed it.

Thank you for all of your videos and for sharing your insite.

Thank you very much for taking the time to do all this, im sure it will help myself and many others greatly.

Bhante, your series of videos will be very helpful for all meditators.

Nice video. I do wish to build the foundation for meditation you speak of.
Your voice had a calming effect. Meditation is needed in my struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder. Thanks again.

I love your voice, you have a very calming voice. thank you for your wonderful videos….you really helped me with all your vids! 🙂

thank you, your video does help alot! this is only one more person you helped. 😀

Thanks for posting this. I will definately make use of your teaching. Please keep posting.

Sir, i’m so greatful for your guidance honestly…

i’m going to meditate now… and just put some calm into the days end.

Thank you very very much.

Hi Sir,

Thanks for your advice and comments.

I practice every day already, and on saturday i did 35 mins each of standing and sitting meditation, even my friends have said I seem happier! 🙂

I am really getting into meditating Sir, its a really positive, awe inspiring thing…but sometimes I have my doubts but whatever they are, i try hard to focus until it goes away, doubting and being angry so quickly are my two main ones that keep coming up, but I think i’m getting there… whereever there is…

Sir, you sure are the lighthouse in the storm…

Thank you for your help and guidance.

I just started watching your videos on Meditation. They’re very helpful, as i’m sure you’ve heard.

I like to thank you for doing a great work,making easy for people like my self to get started, you are really doing something very special and please continue your work.
The web give so many people the opportunity to get closer and learn with teachers like your self,
doesnt matter where we are, or how knew all this can be,with work like yours people can get in touch and start the path.
Thank you and hope you have the support and time to continue.

Thanks for your great videos, they’re really inspirational and helpful to my practice.

thank you so much for the videos on here. I followed the sitting practice in your videos for the past 7 months. I put in two hours a day almost immediately as I had not been able to sleep when I moved to London and this was a very practical solution that worked.

I would like to thank you for your videos. I am currently battling an addiction and meditation has helped me. My Mom has lost our Father & Sister and she was looking for help. I showed her your videos and now she is learning meditation and Buddhist teachings.
You have helped us both. Buddhist teachings are helping us become clear-minded and we have both learned that peace and happiness does not come from outside attachments….it comes from within.

I have watched some of your videos and it looks like you really know what you are talking about.

Thank you so much for the videos. It helps me tremendously.I share them on my blog


First off, I would like to say you are a very wise man and I enjoy your videos, and you have sort of asserted yourself, in my mind, as a role model.

your videos are great by the way and has helped my tremendously!! very insightful GREAT job on that!

I don’t have much to say at the moment, but I wanted to send you a quick thank you for everything you given to the community, and the knowledge you continue to share. I originally found your meditation series videos on youtube and your clear simple explanations have actually helped me a lot in my own practice. If not with the technicalities, you have most definitely given my a little boost of motivation and I thank you for that. Keep up the good work. From what I have seen, you are a gifted teacher.

Hey I really love your videos.

a big thank you for the messages you give out , meditation is certainly changing my life
and i’m becoming a more loving person , and the beauty of meditation is that the only effort required is the daily practice ….as all else seems to fit into place ….effortlesly…..

Thank you
you’re awesome… your videos are helping me master meditation. You explain things very well.

a warm thank you
I watched your videos for the first time one year ago, precisely april 2008, when I felt my calling inside for meditation.
Today I made an account on youtube having in mind the first thing to thank you.

fantastic channel
My name is Mary, I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your insightful videos.

I have been a viewer of your fantastic videos for a couple of months now and am finding them very useful indeed.

I am sure you have heard this many times, however I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for your videos and the big help they have been … Im getting ready to go to University, but like most people, my life is hectic. I have so many conflicting things going on in my life, and life just seems so crazy.

the meditation however has helped me focus, and I can slowly feel my grip retightening on life. its like i was on fastforward and watching from the sidelines. however slowly but surely it seems things are slowing down and im in the right “time frame again” if that makes sense.

:)thank you
thank you for the first moment of peace i have known this year 🙂

I am writing to you to say how much your videos are helpful and motivating, and how I have found them to be of great use,

I found your videos on google originally and was more imressed than I thought possible. Even your voice contains the qualities of someone who has successfully tao an admirable degree come to know peace and clarity of mind.

I’d like to thank you for sharing with us your great videos. It has changed and guided me through my meditation practices.

First of all I want to thank you for all your videos, I have found them very helpful and educational.

To day, I spent 8 hours with you, listening to your DVD, going on the net, reading or listening to your courses. I couldn’t stop as, suddenly, words, sentences, for the first time, had a meaning, for example “the truth as it is”, compared to “Ze trut as it is” as said by S.N. Goenka. What a relief to listen to a Sayadaw that I understand … I was progressing in my meditation !

I cannot begin this message without first thanking you profusely for what your meditation videos have done for me. I can’t even begin to describe how it has benefited my life. Having said that, I do have a few questions.

I want to express my appreciation to you for
your meditation videos and teachings which you have kindly posted
online. I heard your teachings at a time in my practice when i most
needed to when i was very doubtful about which way to turn. I practice
vipassana meditation here in San Antonio Texas and was struggling with
my practice. Your videos clarified a lot of things for me and i am
grateful to you. I hope this message reaches you in good health upon
your return from Thailand. I am keeping track on your web blog and
look forward to more teachings from you. Thank you.

Your videos gave me a structure, a pettern, by which I could start to meditate. Since mid-December, I have done 20mins, both morning and evening. I do the 10mins walking and 10mins sitting that you advise.

I feel more calm and relaxed, find myself looking in the mirror less, and sleeping better.

I wanted let you know I learned how to meditate from watching your videos. I started at rough time in my life, and I’m still going strong 8 months later. I believe meditation has helped in so many ways to deal with life and stress. Its been such a blessing to me and its given me more clarity and peace that I had never experienced before. Thank you so much for your videos, they were the easiest for me to follow as someone who had never meditated before.

I have watched your previous videos, the old ones that you posted, and now the new ones as lessons, but this last month I started to practice meditation in daily basis.
Usually twice a day, morning just the sitting meditation, at night in this order: 1. Meditation prostration -> 2. walking med. -> 3. sitting meditation. I don’t know if I should do only sitting meditation or all of the three, but after practicing it this way I have great improvement of my life. I don’t have the chance to thank you in person, but THANK YOU for everything!

Thanks for your wonderful Youtube videos, you really inspired me to start meditation. I thought I would share my meditation experience with you and ask you for advice.

You are a blessing!!!!!! Thank you!!! Your words have imparted shalom. Thank you.

I just recently watched your video series on meditation. This series has started me on the road to recovery from Anxiety. I have gotten to the point where I can get myself to hover around sleep and get up refreshed.

Thank you. I am truly grateful for your work and ministry to those like me who suffer. Your ministry has given me hope and freedom. My challenge is to abide by virtue of non-attachment… Thank you.