Slowly but surely it is turning green outside… already found a couple of mosquitoes and I seem to be attracting wood ticks as well. Still, nothing beats the forest.

The trip to Toronto and Rochester is now more or less sure; I have an airplane ticket to Toronto on May 26th, returning June 10th. I’ll try to spend May 31st to June 2nd in Stoney Creek, maybe we could hold a weekend course? Unfortunately, I don’t have time for more, what with all the great things going on here in Manitoba.

We have two meditators here just finishing up foundation courses, another coming today, and a Tibetan Buddhist Lama planning to take the course from his nearby home. June already has a couple of prospective meditators lined up, and more looking to come over the summer.

We’ve found some disturbing news about the house in which we’re living; the foundation isn’t so well-founded. Anyone with experience as a foundationer would be welcome.

I’ve started broadcasting our evening sessions live, now that I don’t have a cameraperson. Evening sessions start at 7 PM most days, and if I remember to broadcast them, you’ll find the live stream on YouTube, as well as a recorded video some time after each broadcast.

That’s all. May is here, again.

see the world turn
returning ever again
a humble journey