I was joking with the board that I would have to write a post with this title on it, so here it is. It’s a joke, there’s not much sense of loss here, save the effort put into trying to secure a mortgage for this property. I think the name Parideha has stuck in its own quirky way, and am hopeful in the future there will be another monastery bearing that name, once we figure out where we want to go from here.

For now we’re heading back to Winnipeg. Tomorrow, actually. Our new address, for the next few months at least, is:

950 Summerside Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3T 4Y1

At midnight tonight, the Internet will be cut off here, and restored at the new location on July 20th, so I may be out of contact in the next seven days. We should be taking up a more regular off-line schedule in the meantime, though, and hope to see people out for our 7 PM sessions on a more regular basis. Also, the new location has five bedroom – I’ll be either staying in the garage or a shed, which suits me fine – so reservations for courses are welcome, provided you can wait for a response until the 20th.

In the meantime, maybe I’ll have a chance to write some more book chapters, finish up the series on kids’ meditation, and just settle into the city again. Hope to see you in paradise 🙂