Today we had a large group of supporters come to the monastery to perform a Spring clean, remove all the garbage that was left from the previous inhabitants, plant flowers, clear brush, etc. Some photos are up at Google+ here:

It’s always encouraging to see such support; we’re all amazed at how far we’ve come in the past few months. Thank you everyone for your support – we couldn’t have made this happen without everyone working together.

Two meditators still here, another one coming this week, then I’m off to Ontario. The address I’ll be at in Stoney Creek is:

Wat Khmer Krom
516 Barton St. E
Stoney Creek, ON

I should be there from May 31st to June 2nd. Then off to Rochester, NY. Back in Winnipeg on June 10th.

Lots of interest in the centre, even some more candidates for ordination. Always good to see people interested in these things.

Otherwise, not much ado here. Oh, I found an old building off in the forest; it looks like the ruins of an old house, converted into a hunt-camp of sorts:

Elder In The Woods

Dead buildings in Canada are always an interesting find; a good reminder of the impermanence of this world. Let us not be negligent!

found him in the woods
age-worn, crippled, forgotten
breathes impermanence