A little late this year, they say, but Spring seems to have found Winnipeg at last. Today we were outside doing walking and sitting meditation; yesterday I found an old tree-stand and did some treetop meditation in the forest. Snow is almost gone, last night was the first above zero night; not to say it won’t yet snow, but anyway, a good opportunity to take advantage of the mild, mosquito-free weather.

Last night two meditators came to stay overnight, one of them will be doing a full course of meditation. Another is coming today, also to complete a full course. Our first meditator has almost finished her first course in meditation, she’s been here just over two weeks.

A couple of notices: first, our Saturday “Day of Mindfulness” is probably moving back to our monastery; it doesn’t really seem necessary to travel all the way to Winnipeg when we have a great place here for meditation. So, if you’ve been involved with that, please come here and meditate with us every Saturday… or any day/night, for that matter.

Second, 24th of May is Visakha. I think I mentioned in the last post that we are thinking of having a weekend course, 24th-26th. I’m just about to send out a message to our mailing list to let everyone know that it’s on as mentioned. In practical terms, all this means is we are encouraging people to take that weekend to come to meditate with us as a celebration of the Buddha’s birthday, because most of the people who would come anyway know that they can come any time. If you do come for Visakha, please bring your own food, bedding, and toiletries. You’re welcome to stay one night or two, or just come for the Saturday during the day. Adventurous participants are welcome to bring a tent and camp on our lawn or in the forest.

Also, I am set to travel to Ontario and Rochester from May 26th to June 10th. I’ll probably be staying in Wat Khmer Krom in Stoney Creek from May 31st to June 2nd, maybe to give some teachings there; that would be the best time for Ontarians to visit. Apart from that, I’ll be with my father in Ontario and my mother in Rochester – the trip is mainly in order to collect books and things I’ve left at both places, to start reassembling a library here.

Finally, a haiku:

awakening mind
breaking through the cold, dark frost
Spring flower in bloom