About us

Who we are

Sirimangalo International is a non profit organization (registered charity) located in Ontario, Canada, dedicated to supporting the practice, study and teaching of Buddhist Insight (Vipassana) Meditation, in the tradition of Ajaan Tong Sirimangalo. The organization was founded by Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu, an ordained disciple of the venerable Ajaan Tong, in order to help facilitate the spread of Vipassana meditation around the world.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu


Austin Dmello

Secretary, Interim Treasurer & Director

Chris Dolan


Edit Farkas


Julie Leclerc

Director / Signing Officer

Ludmila Jahn


Many thanks to our outgoing directors from 2018 onward, for all their efforts:

  • Jeff Nguyen – Signing Officer/Director
  • Adder Oaks – Treasurer/Director
  • Shraddha Barahi – Director
  • Skip Hall – Director
  • Robin Esposito – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Shehan Pingamage – Signing Officer/Director
  • Rushanthi Pingamage – Director
  • Samantha Gunatillake – Director

Apart from this core group of official staff, many volunteers too numerous to mention help to make our work function smoothly, and are coordinated by the core members listed above. To contact a member of the board of directors, please send your email to sirimangalointl@gmail.com.

Our Meditation Centre and Courses

Please visit our courses page for more information.

Online Teaching

We also offer video, audio, and printed material on Buddhism and meditation.

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Financial Status

Sirimangalo International Buddhist Meditation Society Inc. is a charitable organization registered in Canada. Here is a financial summary prepared by our Treasurer, outlining recent Revenues and Expenses. We do not sell any products or charge any fees, and thus depend entirely on donations for all financial support.

2023 Second Half Income Statement

2023 Second Half Balance Sheet

2023 First Half Income Statement

2023 First Half Balance Sheet