Call for Volunteers

There are many ways to support Sirimangalo International, from monetary support to the giving of direct effort. The society is grateful for any assistance given, in any form.

Herein, please find the specific opportunities for volunteer support. If you are able to contribute in such a fashion, please use the Contact form or join our Discord chat and drop a message that you are interested in volunteering, and a moderator will help to on-board you.

Web Application Development

Those skilled in software design, development, and operations can help us to re-establish the Digital Pali Reader, the MeditationPlus application, or our Question2Answer site.

Video editing

Those skilled in editing video, especially as it is shared on YouTube, can help us to construct videos informing interested parties of the various services offered by our organization.


Those who have fluency in English as well as another language may offer to help create captions in that language, to improve the accessibility of Venerable Yuttadhammo’s video teachings to the worldwide community of Buddhists.