Today three new meditators arrived on schedule; two to become novice monks, a third only for a month.

The kutis are still not near completion; still hoping for mid to late November. So, two yogis staying in caves, a third in one of the small rooms attached to the main hall. Tonight they will come to the study session; tomorrow they will start their practice in earnest.

They brought with them equipment for the Internet connection, which seems to be stable; still need to sort out the wifi access, but at least we are connected. The first test will be the study group tonight (

I’ll be posting some pictures of the construction on my Google profile as usual, but there’s still not much to see; tomorrow, they say, they will begin the concrete slab roof.

All is well in the forest; not much to say, but that is not a bad thing at all. See you at the study group tonight, and the radio session tomorrow (