The purpose of constructing of a meditation centre is of course ultimately deconstruction of things like ego, self, addiction, views, etc. Along the way, though, it may become necessary to deconstruct more physical things. Today we tore down an old outhouse to build our new bathrooms, after a visitor pointed out that the place we had planned to build it would get in the way of our planned outdoor meditation hall. So, we had to find another place, and settled in the end on the home of the existing squat toilet that no one was using anyway.

Downside, the workers had spent a few days digging for the foundation that will never be. That and the bathrooms are now going to be a bit farther away from the caves. Upside is we get a bigger meditation hall, free from the noise and busyness of the bathrooms, and that the two new kutis planned near the outhouse can share these two bathrooms.

Today we were also visited by a local engineer who promised to draw up plans and help to organize building kutis and other facilities including a new well for increased water supply. It was a happy day to see that things are really underway here. It will be even happier once some buildings actually get built… for now, we’re -1 for new buildings.