So, we have high-speed Internet again… uploading videos now, starting with a short tour of our new monastery.

We also have an album up on Google+ with photos:

Monk Radio will start again this Saturday at 22:00 UTC; visit to participate.

I’ve almost finished re-editing my How To Meditate booklet and then I would like to publish a
hard-copy version again. Maybe we can publish it in Sri Lanka again? If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Our first new meditator comes on Saturday; for now it’s been quiet, though we have had visitors almost every day for chanting. The Sri Lankan community has been great in offering food every day; a calendar has been set up and people have been choosing days to offer a meal; without their help, this wouldn’t be possible – thanks and bohoma pin to everyone 🙂

Still visiting the Dharma Centre of Winnipeg on Tuesday nights for study of the Visuddhimagga; it’s been fun, and I’ve been able to offer a lot, due to the importance of the text in our tradition. Also, will be back at 640 McGee on Saturday for our day of mindfulness. If you’re in the area, please join us.

Otherwise, it’s great to be back in the forest. Sarana said he saw two rabbits, and there are many tracks around of all sorts of animals – deer, fox, birds, etc. All I’ve seen so far is one squirrel and some crows.

Be well, dhamma friends.