Tonight I’m in my new shed-turned-kuti.  Very well renovated, baseboard heater, wall-to-wall carpeting, no complaints.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.  I think we can officially allow women to come to stay and meditate now.  One woman is scheduled to come on the 13th to do a three-week foundation course.  We’re still not advertising, and probably not going to accept more than one or two meditators at once; facilities are still not what they should be, and we haven’t even registered our organisation yet.

Internet is delayed another week, so still no new video uploads.  Sometime next week.

Still flu-ish, just watching it go through its stages.

Sarana is completing his second advanced course.  His robes have just been shipped from Thailand; should be here within the week.

That’s all… Here’s a panorama of my new abode: