It finally dawned on me that the word Manitoba comes from the same root as the word Manitoulin.

Things are taking off in a big way here on the prairies… Friday night we had 29 people in our living room. Here’s a picture before they all got there:

Before Chanting on Friday

Yesterday we went to look at a piece of property that may very well become our future monastery and meditation centre. We’re having another meeting tomorrow, so no promises yet, but it looks good. The property is great – big, forested, big house, deer, a river, a bridge separating the monastic section from the lay people (er, potentially), etc. Here’s some photos:

That was in the morning, then in the afternoon we started a weekly day of mindfulness at the MBVCA in downtown Winnipeg. This morning (Sunday), I gave a talk to the Sunday school that was fairly well-received (they invited me back next week, anyway). Funny they said they were all watching my videos already… how weird is that?

A tripod arrived in the mail today, so tomorrow we may record a Dhammapada video. Speaking of which tripod, I started updating my wish list again for those who were asking.

That’s all for now. Peace 🙂