Latest chapter in the book is “finished”. That might be the last, though I would like to edit at least one more before Thailand.

At this point, I’d like to invite anyone who would like to do some grammar editing on any of the chapters to go ahead with my thanks for any help you can give. The whole book as it exists so far is here:

Strength is picking up, though the brain still has trouble with complex thoughts – it’s kind of funny watching how short-circuited it seems to have become from the dengue. The rest of the body is just tired, so I’m assuming it will all come together eventually.

Progress on the Canada front; one of our new “Team Canada” members has assembled some info on starting a non-profit in Ontario; once my brain starts working properly I’ll try to put the applications together and hopefully we can have an organization in place, or in the works at least, by the time I get to Canada.