…bring May flowers?

Being born in May makes me conceited about that saying, though this year if the showers are any indication, the flowers must be dreadful. The past two nights we’ve lost a pump, a dozen lightbulbs, a fan, a breaker, and the adapter to our Internet router, all to the lightning. Yep, it’s really that bad. Worse, actually, but you have to be here to believe it. The rain is certainly welcome, but the lightning is putting a bit of a damper on things… or rather our tardiness in unplugging the entire monastery from the grid before the lightning hits. At least the Internet router still works, and we had a spare adapter that seems to work with it.

What else? We’re off to Thailand May 8th, hopefully making it to Chom Tong on the 9th. No return ticket yet, but the plan is to stay a few weeks there. I’m not so keen to leave this place for too long now; there’s too much happening here.

Visas are still a bummer; we’re hoping that going to Thailand will be enough to get visas for Yasa and Sumedha, but no guarantee yet.

Sponsorship for two new rooms came this week after almost giving up on the hopes of the promise being fulfilled. We hope to have the two rooms ready by the rainy season… the other rainy season, that is.

Tomorrow we’re taking an impromptu trip to Anuradhapura, in the hopes of getting a Bodhi tree sapling.

Four Sinhala meditators came, three from the same family, two are still here. It’s nice to finally have some contact with local meditators, and they are all quite keen and sincere, so it reaffirms the good feeling we all have about this country. Hopefully the country has the same good feeling about us; so far the only obstacles we’ve had are in regards to the Bhikkhuni ordination and attire. These are serious issues, but for a post of their own, maybe next week.

All is well; our ship is sailing, we have a good crew, and the Buddha as our captain, his Dhamma as our navigator. As to the dangers on the ocean of samsara, it’s all but an illusion.

how they quarrel on
angry, spiteful, don’t they see?
none of them exist!