The bhikkhuni and the samanera finally got residence visas, after a tense showdown with an immigration official. It seems like we were just shuffled along from one person to another until finally we arrived at this man who basically told us he wasn’t prepared to issue the visa. After a tense moment, he wrote a note, sent us off to the immigration commission himself who, after confirming that we were here to practice meditation (luckily I had some of the How To Meditate booklets on me), gave the clearance and the visas were assured. But it looks like this will be a one-time event; applicants for ordination will now be required to get pre-approval before entering the country in order to get a proper visa. Since we can’t preapprove people we don’t know, this means you have to come, practice, leave, get a visa, come back, ordain. Bummer.

Still a few applicants for ordination; Meredith is almost ready and can probably ordain as a novice at the end of the month. Others coming in May, June, etc.

Just finished editing the first chapter of the book; not sure if I should post them online as they are finished; it probably needs at least two more rounds of editing to be publishable, so maybe better to wait. Hopefully the rate of editing can increase, but then so many other pressing tasks…

The railing on the slab is finished, soon we’ll be starting on the roof; someone offered to tile the floor and make a wall around the Bodhi tree. We had hoped to complete all of that with the funds available, but the slab itself was more expensive than expected, so it is nice to see there is still support coming. Anyway, the slab has proved most useful for our morning and evening sessions – the monkeys seem to agree.

Next month may be a month off from things Internet; still other projects like memorizing the Bhikkhuni patimokkha, editing the book, and a meditation retreat or two. Maybe going to Thailand in May; more on that if it comes about.

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