So, in preparation for the book project, I thought to find a way to organize the questions and answers on our ask forum into a single file. The result is an actual e-book made up of the best answers to all the questions on the site, and can be downloaded in PDF form or viewed in HTML form, at the following links:

So, a book that writes itself; and hopefully some of this content we can include in the actual book once it takes shape. The project so far seems to be writing itself as well, with 17 chapters already written – transcribed by the wonderful community at It’s really been an encouragement, thank you all for your help. Of course there is still much work at this end, editing and rewriting the spoken talks into lesson format, but it’s a real headstart to have so much help.

Meditated in the rain for the first time this week; it was interesting, especially when lightning struck a few miles away; really gave meaning to the Buddha’s words on mindfulness of death – that we should be mindful of it at every moment, for it could be our last.

Our monastery is growing, slowly; Meredith arrived and is in meditation. Her intention is to become a Bhikkhuni; Samaneri ordination will be easy anyway, and we’ll see from there. More applications for meditation and ordination; the interest so far is quite encouraging, even at this early stage in our centre’s growth. Some Sri Lankan friends from America have offered to arrange the expenses of finishing the two upstairs rooms, so if that comes through we should have lots of room for everyone.

A small building project started today, much more modest than before; a railing for the roof area, so we don’t risk falling off during walking meditation. Still need to make railings for some of the more treacherous stairs, but this is a good start.

Monday we go to Colombo to see about visas for Nagasena and Phalanyani.

Oh, and we have a new discussion forum set up at if that is of interest.

writing down one’s thoughts
catch them as they disappear
echos of the mind