Yep, it’s a year again. Some newness for us, though, worth mentioning…

First, we’re on a new server now; it’s still a bit unstable, not sure why, but we’re now running a 64-bit operating system, which should help with memory issues (live streaming, for example).

Also, our monastery site has some new pages – an application form, course and ordination info, a construction photo gallery, and a new video tour.

We also have four new rooms that could potentially house meditators as is, but work will continue on the floors, wiring and bathrooms, so there might be some room shuffling in the next month.

We’re off to Colombo tomorrow, to see about visas again, and then to a place called Mahiyangana, where the Buddha is said to have visited (said by who, I’m not sure…). We’ll be back for Sutta Study on the 14th, hopefully with a few hundred tipitaka books from Thailand that we’re picking up as well.

So, newness. In the end, though, it’s all the same newness as before 🙂