Phalanyani arrived yesterday; maybe she can join the radio session Sunday. She went on alms this morning, taking my old route, getting at least as much food as I get. Me and Nick went trouncing through the jungle to find the old path to the other village, ended up wandering more than totally necessary. One of the families that used to put food in my bowl told me that in the time I had stopped coming to their home, the husband had died at 59. Strange but wonderful to see the village life from without.

Work continues now on the two upper rooms of the new building, and stairs up to the upper cave are being rebuilt as well.

Nick got his visa extension and today started a review course for ten days. Matt went home, deciding he had more to do in samsara; it was heartening, nonetheless, to see his gains in the practice. Novice ordination for Nick will be some time around Dec. 5th.