Pilgrimage Talks 2020

Volunteers of Sirimangalo International were interested in organizing a pilgrimage trip to India and Nepal, and invited Bhante Yuttadhammo to join. We are thankful to Bhante for not only joining, but also for being our source of information for the places visited. In addition to briefing us about every place and its significance, Bhante also gave five Dhamma talks, at the five most important locations.

This booklet is a collection of talks that Bhante Yuttadhammo gave while doing the Buddhist pilgrimage tour in India in the year 2020. These talks were given to an audience of about twelve people who were traveling along with him for this pilgrimage. It was also recorded live, to be shared on YouTube. The work of transcribing Bhante Yuttadhammo’s talks has been done by volunteers and some parts of the transcription have been edited to make it an easier read. All such editing of the original talks is the sole responsibility of the volunteers, and any mistakes evident here are to be accredited to that group.

Pilgrimage Talks 2020epub
Pláticas del peregrinaje 2020epub