Deerhaven 2022 Retreat Schedule

Monday, January 3rd

  • Arrive at Deerhaven Center any time after 2:00 pm

Sunday, January 4th

  • Opening Ceremony 8:00 pm

Monday, January 17th

  • Conclusion of meditation course in the morning (final interview with Venerable Yuttadhammo) — silent meditation continues throughout the day
  • Preliminary clean-up may make sense

Tuesday, January 18th

  • Closing Ceremony 9:00 am
  • Brunch served 10:00 am
  • Clean-up — we must leave the center as we found it
  • Must depart by 2:00 pm

Please observe the Eight Precepts upon arrival at Deerhaven Center.
We will enter our period of silent meditation beginning at 8:00 pm on January 3rd, and remain in silent meditation throughout the course, following the daily schedule below.

Daily Schedule

  • ~4:00 am wake up (set your own sleep schedule, no more than 6 hours of sleep per night)
  • 6:00 am – 8:00 am self-serve breakfast available
  • 7:00 am – 9:00 am teacher interviews: 1-on-1 meetings with Venerable Yuttadhammo
  • 11:00 am lunch
  • 9:00 pm Dhamma talks on some evenings, as announced